YOI Mental Wellness Program for Healthcare Workers

Reducing Burnout and Promoting Resilience among Healthcare workers through YOI

Yoga of Immortals curates a program that can be online, in-person or in hybrid formats for Health Care Workers.

Practicing Yoga of Immortals protocols is known to fend off burnout, stress, depression & fatigue resulting in an energetic, positive, elevated, sustained and equanimous response to external challenges. YOI empowers HCWs beyond just survival and teaches them to thrive!

Yoga of immortals austria

The Yoga of Immortals Program has been offered during the pandemic in hospitals and clinics nationally. YOI has been adopted in several healthcare provider wellness programs as a stand-alone approach or as an added intervention for addressing healthcare burnout.

We look forward to craft an exclusive YOI protocol customized to your challenges, needs & time constraints. The modular protocols are flexible for in-person recurring sessions or app based interventions to practice anytime and anywhere.