Every healthcare professional deserves access to research-based non-pharmaceutical intervention for optimum mental wellbeing.

Yoga of Immortals imparts mental resilience trainings to healthcare providers based on science-based ancient native medicine techniques.


Yoga of Immortals is an easy-to-learn, enjoyable-to-practice mental technique for deep relaxation and stress reduction that has been successful for medical professionals. 

ishan shivanand

Ishan Shivanand
Founder, Yoga of Immortals

As a modern Indian monk researcher, Ishan Shivanand is an expert in meditation based non-pharmaceutical interventions for mental health. He leads a global team of scientists and medical researchers in the US committed to resolving the issues of mental health, including anxiety, depression and insomnia.

His deep knowledge of Indian Knowledge Systems and native medicine, including disease preventive yogic techniques and ancient mindfulness through cognitive and emotional stimulation, has helped enhance performance, reduce stress and fend off burnout among youth, USA Military personnel, Healthcare Workers as well as international athletes.

How Yoga of Immortals works

A multi-modality YOI practice produces a unique neurophysiological state that combines deep metabolic rest with heightened mental alertness. This state of deep relaxation, which researchers have termed “restful alertness”, is a potent antidote to stress.

This proven technique can help in improving energy, connecting more deeply, easily with oneself and others.


The mental health protocols are designed as per deep scientific insights from traditional medicine


The protocols undergo thorough research to evaluate the impact generated on physical, emotional and cognitive capabilities of individuals


The most effective, qualifying techniques are taught to healthcare experts across Asia, Africa and America through resilience training modules

Research findings

72% decrease in depression symptoms

75% decrease in anxiety symptoms

82% decrease in insomnia symptoms

77% improvement in quality of life

From reducing anxiety to getting better sleep, these techniques have a demonstrated measurable impact on quality of life.

Prospective cohort studies (8 wk & 6 months) on YOI Intervention conducted by a multi-disciplinary panel of physicians showed clinically significant reduction in symptoms of Generalised Anxiety, moderate to severe Depression & severe Insomnia.

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