YOI Wellness program for Organizations



Healthy people make healthy organisation

Preventive, promotive mental wellness through non-pharma, scientific YOI protocols to balance fast-paced professional lives.

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Scientific Research behind YOI

Recent scientific studies (2020 to present) on YOI programs have shown clinically significant reductions in insomnia (82%), anxiety (75%), and depression (72%) amongst participants.

72% decrease in depression symptoms

75% decrease in anxiety symptoms

82% decrease in insomnia symptoms

77% improvement in quality of life

How can YOI be incorporated into your ecosystem?


4 weeks

2 sessions/week

30 - 45 Minutes / session

Digital Takeaways

YOI takeaways digitally provided for continuous practice


YOI curates an integrated, custom mental wellness program that,

• aligns with your organizational people vision

• is on-demand

• can be incorporated into enterprise people strategy

• can be digital/in-person

• provides digital takeaways

We look forward to crafting an exclusive YOI protocol customized to your needs and time constraints

YOI sessions delivered at the following organisations