Ancient Himalayan Yoga and Meditation protocols for individuals and organizations

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Mystical Origins

Originating from the practices of the ancient Himalayan Masters, Yoga of Immortals is a comprehensive program that combines specific physical movements, deep breathwork, sound, mindfulness meditation and visualization.

Powerful Self -Transformation

This unique science-based process helps release stress, negative emotions and harmful behaviors.  It improves overall health and increases stamina.  It brings a state of well-being and deep inner calm, which leads to clarity of thought and focus, increased creativity, confidence, and the will power to set and achieve goals.

The Most Authentic Root Form of Yoga

YOI integrates the benefits of the root forms of yoga – hatha yoga, karma yoga, laya yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and meditative techniques to help the practitioner realize the infinite potential within.

Transform your life with
Yoga of Immortals

Yoga of Immortals (YOI) is a very unique program that combines physical exercises, breathwork, meditation and sacred sounds in a scientific way, to help individuals nurture their energy and to develop a focused, razor sharp, peaceful, and one-pointed mind. YOI helps professionals to unleash their creativity and awaken their innovative spirit in order to optimize their productivity.




“A human being is not a finite being, as all his limitations make him believe. Each one of us has untapped potential to create good health, success, happiness & positivity.

It is just a matter of realizing this and actively pursuing this realization until it becomes a reality.”

Ishan Shivanand

Founder, Yoga of Immortals

Transform your life by investing 5 minutes a day

Modular protocols made flexible for in-person recurring sessions or app-based interventions to practice anytime and anywhere.

5 Minutes - Basic

The 5 minutes YOI protocol everyday aligns the functional brain activity patterns, creating a faster reaction time, along with a deep calmness as your parasympathetic system takes over & releases hormones & chemicals to relax the practitioner. This is largely comprised of a combination of breathwork and light exercise

15 Minutes - Intermediate

These protocols go deeper and juxtapose breathwork (conscious focused breathing being in complete awareness of it) with cognitive stimulation & positive affirmations. This protocol/intervention allows for quicker neural regeneration.

30 Minutes - Advanced

The YOI advanced program integrates cognitive, neurological, emotional and physical dimensions structured in a manner to bring absolute well-being.


What people are saying?

“The meditation session I attended was to me at a time of distress amidst racial violence, police brutality, a global pandemic and my 6 year relationship ending.

The session left me feeling significantly less anxious and more aware of what I can do in the now to free myself from the pain and baggage I’ve holding onto. I even cried at one point when he instructed to release those who have hurt us. To say it was incredible would be an understatement. I hope more sessions  will be scheduled  and if so, I will be attending  in a regular  basis  in the future.”


Jessie Bell

Associate Program Manager, Amazon

“As part of this movement, espoused at this critical time for human existence, we acknowledge your contribution to alleviate stress, allay frated anxieties, encrich collective consciousness through mass holistic programs and meditation events conducted online. In your online movement, you unified 10,000 seekers globally besides engaging 1 million people morale boosting peace-giving mindfulness sessions”

— Shripad Naik

Minister of State, AYUSH, Govt of India

“We are especially grateful to you for your enthusiasm to share wisdom with our undergraduates and graduate students and other young adults. At this formative time in their lives, they are especially in need of tools and resources that might help them to counteract stress and develop emotional and spiritual wellness”

— Vineet Chander

Coordinator for Hindu Life, Princeton University

“Our Singapore team thoroughly enjoyed your speaker sessions and guided meditation, and I would like to personally thank you for empowering our talent towards greater productivity, greater self-sustainable, compassionate world-view, and efficiency through holistic means, modalities and methods.”

— Khyl Ty-Rhys
Sr. Regional Wellness Specialist


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